MenuBuilder.CallbackCalled by menu to notify of close and selection changes.
MenuBuilder.ItemInvokerCalled by menu items to execute their associated action
MenuPresenterA MenuPresenter is responsible for building views for a Menu object.
MenuPresenter.CallbackCalled by menu implementation to notify another component of open/close events.
MenuViewMinimal interface for a menu view.
MenuView.ItemViewMinimal interface for a menu item view.
ShowableListMenuA list menu which can be shown and hidden and which is internally represented by a ListView.


BaseMenuPresenterBase class for MenuPresenters that have a consistent container view and item views.
ExpandedMenuViewThe expanded menu view is a list-like menu with all of the available menu items.
ListMenuItemViewThe item view for each item in the ListView-based MenuViews.
ListMenuPresenterMenuPresenter for list-style menus.
MenuBuilderImplementation of the SupportMenu interface for creating a standard menu UI.
MenuItemWrapperICSWraps a support SupportMenuItem as a framework android.view.MenuItem
MenuPopupHelperPresents a menu as a small, simple popup anchored to another view.
MenuWrapperICSWraps a support SupportMenu as a framework
SubMenuBuilderThe model for a sub menu, which is an extension of the menu.