ActionBar.OnMenuVisibilityListenerListener for receiving events when action bar menus are shown or hidden.
ActionBar.OnNavigationListenerListener interface for ActionBar navigation events.
ActionBar.TabListenerCallback interface invoked when a tab is focused, unfocused, added, or removed.
ActionBarDrawerToggle.DelegateProviderAllows an implementing Activity to return an ActionBarDrawerToggle.Delegate to use with ActionBarDrawerToggle.
AppCompatCallbackImplemented this in order for AppCompat to be able to callback in certain situations.


ActionBarA primary toolbar within the activity that may display the activity title, application-level navigation affordances, and other interactive items.
ActionBar.LayoutParamsPer-child layout information associated with action bar custom views.
ActionBar.TabA tab in the action bar.
ActionBarDrawerToggleThis class provides a handy way to tie together the functionality of DrawerLayout and the framework ActionBar to implement the recommended design for navigation drawers.
AlertDialogA subclass of Dialog that can display one, two or three buttons.
AppCompatActivityBase class for activities that wish to use some of the newer platform features on older Android devices.
AppCompatDelegateThis class represents a delegate which you can use to extend AppCompat's support to any .
AppCompatDialogBase class for AppCompat themed s.
AppCompatDialogFragmentA special version of DialogFragment which uses an AppCompatDialog in place of a platform-styled dialog.
AppCompatViewInflaterThis class is used by AppCompat to automatically "substitute" all usages of core Android widgets inflated from layout files by the AppCompat extensions of those widgets.
AppLocalesMetadataHolderServiceA placeholder service to avoid adding application-level metadata.
WindowDecorActionBarWindowDecorActionBar is the ActionBar implementation used by devices of all screen sizes as part of the window decor layout.

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