ForceCloseCaptureSession.OnConfiguredInterface to forward call of the onConfigured() method.
WaitForRepeatingRequestStart.OpenCaptureSessionInterface to forward call of the openCaptureSession() method.
WaitForRepeatingRequestStart.SingleRepeatingRequestInterface to forward call of the setSingleRepeatingRequest() method.


AeFpsRangeSets an AE target FPS range on legacy devices to maintain good exposure.
AutoFlashAEModeDisablerA workaround to turn off the auto flash AE mode if device has the CrashWhenTakingPhotoWithAutoFlashAEModeQuirk or ImageCaptureFailWithAutoFlashQuirk.
CamcorderProfileResolutionValidatorValidates the video resolution of .
ExcludedSupportedSizesContainerGets problematic surface sizes that need to be excluded on the current device for a given camera and image format.
ExtraSupportedSurfaceCombinationsContainerGets the extra supported surface combinations which are additional to the guaranteed supported configurations.
FlashAvailabilityCheckerA workaround for devices which may throw a java.nio.BufferUnderflowException when checking flash availability.
ForceCloseCaptureSessionThe workaround is used to set the to closed state since the may not be called after the android.hardware.camera2.CameraCaptureSession is closed.
ForceCloseDeferrableSurfaceThe workaround is used to close the DeferrableSurface when the android.hardware.camera2.CameraCaptureSession is closed.
ImageCapturePixelHDRPlusWorkaround that handles turning on/off HDR+ on Pixel devices.
MaxPreviewSizeHelper class that overrides the maximum preview size used in surface combination check.
MeteringRegionCorrectionCorrect the metering point if necessary.
OverrideAeModeForStillCaptureThe workaround sets AE_MODE to AE_MODE_ON_ALWAYS_FLASH in still capture requests.
PreviewPixelHDRnetWorkaround that handles turning on the WYSIWYG preview on Pixel devices.
ResolutionCorrectorHelper class that overrides user configured resolution with resolution selected based on device quirks.
StillCaptureFlowWorkaround to fix device issues such as calling stopRepeating ahead of still capture on some devices when flash is on or auto.
SupportedRepeatingSurfaceSizeGets the supported surface for configurations.
TargetAspectRatioWorkaround to get corrected target aspect ratio.
UseTorchAsFlashWorkaround to use torch as flash.
WaitForRepeatingRequestStartThe workaround is used to wait for the other CameraCaptureSessions to complete their in-flight capture sequences before opening the current session.

Annotation Types