KeyedAppStatesCallbackInterface used to listen for the result when using KeyedAppStatesReporter.setStates(Collection, KeyedAppStatesCallback) or KeyedAppStatesReporter.setStatesImmediate(Collection, KeyedAppStatesCallback).


FakeKeyedAppStatesReporterA fake KeyedAppStatesReporter for testing.
KeyedAppStateA keyed app state to be sent to an EMM (enterprise mobility management), with the intention that it is displayed to the management organization.
KeyedAppState.KeyedAppStateBuilderThe builder for KeyedAppState.
KeyedAppStatesReporterA reporter of keyed app states to enable communication between an app and an EMM (enterprise mobility management).
KeyedAppStatesServiceBase service for receiving app states in Device Owner and Profile Owner apps.
ReceivedKeyedAppStateA keyed app state received from an app.
ReceivedKeyedAppState.ReceivedKeyedAppStateBuilderThe builder for ReceivedKeyedAppState.