ExoTrackSelectionA TrackSelection that can change the individually selected track as a result of calling ExoTrackSelection.updateSelectedTrack(long, long, long, List, MediaChunkIterator[]) or ExoTrackSelection.evaluateQueueSize(long, List).
ExoTrackSelection.FactoryFactory for ExoTrackSelection instances.
TrackSelectionUtil.AdaptiveTrackSelectionFactoryFunctional interface to create a single adaptive track selection.
TrackSelector.InvalidationListenerNotified when selections previously made by a TrackSelector are no longer valid.


AdaptiveTrackSelectionA bandwidth based adaptive ExoTrackSelection, whose selected track is updated to be the one of highest quality given the current network conditions and the state of the buffer.
AdaptiveTrackSelection.AdaptationCheckpointCheckpoint to determine allocated bandwidth.
AdaptiveTrackSelection.FactoryFactory for AdaptiveTrackSelection instances.
BaseTrackSelectionAn abstract base class suitable for most ExoTrackSelection implementations.
DefaultTrackSelectorA default TrackSelector suitable for most use cases.
DefaultTrackSelector.ParametersExtends DefaultTrackSelector.Parameters by adding fields that are specific to DefaultTrackSelector.
DefaultTrackSelector.ParametersBuilderA builder for DefaultTrackSelector.Parameters.
DefaultTrackSelector.SelectionOverrideA track selection override.
ExoTrackSelection.DefinitionContains of a subset of selected tracks belonging to a TrackGroup.
FixedTrackSelectionA TrackSelection consisting of a single track.
MappingTrackSelectorBase class for TrackSelectors that first establish a mapping between TrackGroups and Renderers, and then from that mapping create a ExoTrackSelection for each renderer.
MappingTrackSelector.MappedTrackInfoProvides mapped track information for each renderer.
RandomTrackSelectionAn ExoTrackSelection whose selected track is updated randomly.
RandomTrackSelection.FactoryFactory for RandomTrackSelection instances.
TrackSelectionUtilTrack selection related utility methods.
TrackSelectorThe component of an ExoPlayer responsible for selecting tracks to be consumed by each of the player's Renderers.
TrackSelectorResultThe result of a TrackSelector operation.

Annotation Types

DefaultTrackSelector.SelectionEligibilityThe extent to which tracks are eligible for selection.
MappingTrackSelector.MappedTrackInfo.RendererSupportLevels of renderer support.