SignInTemplate.SignInMethodOne of the possible sign in methods that can be set on a SignInTemplate.


InputSignInMethodA SignInTemplate.SignInMethod that presents an input box for the user to enter their credentials.
InputSignInMethod.BuilderA builder of InputSignInMethod.
PinSignInMethodA SignInTemplate.SignInMethod that presents a PIN or activation code that the user can use to sign-in.
ProviderSignInMethodA SignInTemplate.SignInMethod that allows the user to initiate sign-in with a authentication provider.
QRCodeSignInMethodA SignInTemplate.SignInMethod that presents a QR Code that the user can use to sign-in.
SignInTemplateA template that can be used to create a sign-in flow.
SignInTemplate.BuilderA builder of SignInTemplate.

Annotation Types

InputSignInMethod.InputTypeThe type of input represented by the InputSignInMethod instance.
InputSignInMethod.KeyboardTypeThe type of keyboard to be displayed while the user is interacting with this input.