OrchestrationListenerManagerContainer class for all orchestration listeners
OrchestrationResultA representation of the end result of an orchestrated test run.
OrchestrationResult.BuilderConstructs an OrchestrationResult as tests run.
OrchestrationResultPrinterA line by line reimplementation of InstrumentationResultPrinter

AndroidTestOrchestrator needs to mirror the output of a non-orchestrated AndroidJUnitRunner multi-test run, and thus requires a result printer.

OrchestrationRunListenerListens to events created during an orchestration run.
OrchestrationXmlTestRunListenerWrites JUnit results to an XML files in a format consistent with Ant's XMLJUnitResultFormatter.
TextListenerReimplementation of org.junit.TextListener that accepts AndroidTestOrchestrator compatible objects.


OrchestrationListenerManager.TestEventMessage types sent from the remote instrumentation