AspectRatioFrameLayout.AspectRatioListenerListener to be notified about changes of the aspect ratios of this view.
LegacyPlayerControlView.ProgressUpdateListenerListener to be notified when progress has been updated.
LegacyPlayerControlView.VisibilityListenerListener to be notified about changes of the visibility of the UI control.
PlayerControlView.OnFullScreenModeChangedListenerListener to be invoked to inform the fullscreen mode is changed.
PlayerControlView.ProgressUpdateListenerListener to be notified when progress has been updated.
PlayerControlView.VisibilityListenerListener to be notified about changes of the visibility of the UI control.
PlayerNotificationManager.CustomActionReceiverDefines and handles custom actions.
PlayerNotificationManager.MediaDescriptionAdapterAn adapter to provide content assets of the media currently playing.
PlayerNotificationManager.NotificationListenerA listener for changes to the notification.
TimeBarInterface for time bar views that can display a playback position, buffered position, duration and ad markers, and that have a listener for scrubbing (seeking) events.
TimeBar.OnScrubListenerListener for scrubbing events.
TrackNameProviderConverts Formats to user readable track names.
TrackSelectionDialogBuilder.DialogCallbackCallback which is invoked when a track selection has been made.
TrackSelectionView.TrackSelectionListenerListener for changes to the selected tracks.


AspectRatioFrameLayoutA FrameLayout that resizes itself to match a specified aspect ratio.
CaptionStyleCompatA compatibility wrapper for .
DefaultMediaDescriptionAdapterDefault implementation of PlayerNotificationManager.MediaDescriptionAdapter.
DefaultTimeBarA time bar that shows a current position, buffered position, duration and ad markers.
DefaultTrackNameProviderA default TrackNameProvider.
LegacyPlayerControlViewA view for controlling Player instances.
PlayerControlViewA view for controlling Player instances.
PlayerNotificationManagerStarts, updates and cancels a media style notification reflecting the player state.
PlayerNotificationManager.BitmapCallbackReceives a Bitmap.
PlayerNotificationManager.BuilderA builder for PlayerNotificationManager instances.
PlayerViewA high level view for Player media playbacks.
SubtitleViewA view for displaying subtitle Cues.
TrackSelectionDialogBuilderBuilder for a dialog with a TrackSelectionView.
TrackSelectionViewA view for making track selections.

Annotation Types

AspectRatioFrameLayout.ResizeModeResize modes for AspectRatioFrameLayout.
CaptionStyleCompat.EdgeTypeThe type of edge, which may be none.
PlayerNotificationManager.PriorityPriority of the notification (required for API 25 and lower).
PlayerNotificationManager.VisibilityVisibility of notification on the lock screen.
PlayerView.ShowBufferingDetermines when the buffering view is shown.
SubtitleView.ViewTypeThe type of View to use to display subtitles.