AlphaJumpAdapterAn interface that you can implement on your Adapter to enable support for Alpha-Jump.
AlphaJumpBucketA bucket represents a "button" in the alpha-jump menu.
CarMenuItem.OnClickListenerInterface definition for a callback to be invoked when a CarMenuItem is clicked.
ListItem.ViewBinder<VH>Functional interface to provide a way to interact with views in ViewHolder.
PagedListView.DividerVisibilityManagerInterface for controlling visibility of item dividers for individual items based on the item's position.
PagedListView.ItemCapInterface for a to cap the number of items.
PagedListView.ItemPositionOffsetInterface for a to set the position offset for the adapter to load the data.
PagedScrollBarView.PaginationListenerListener for when the list should paginate.


ActionListItemClass to build a list item that has up to two actions.
ActionListItem.ViewHolderHolds the children views of ActionListItem.
AlphaJumpBucketerA helper class for building the list of buckets for alpha jump.
AlphaJumpBucketer.BucketA basic implementation of AlphaJumpBucket.
AlphaJumpOverlayViewThis view shows a grid of alphabetic letters that you can tap on to advance a list to the beginning of that list.
CarMenuItemClass to build a CarMenuItem that appears in the CarToolbar menu.
CarMenuItem.BuilderBuilder for creating a CarMenuItem
CarToolbarA toolbar for building car applications.
ColumnCardViewA CardView whose width can be specified by the number of columns that it will span.
ListItem<VH>Definition of items that can be inserted into ListItemAdapter.
ListItem.ViewHolderViewHolder that supports ListItem.ViewBinder.
ListItemAdapterAdapter for PagedListView to display ListItem.
ListItemAdapter.BackgroundStyleConstant class for background style of items.
ListItemProvider<VH>Supplies data as ListItem.
ListItemProvider.ListProvider<VH>A simple provider that wraps around a list.
PagedListViewView that wraps a RecyclerView and a scroll bar that has page up and down arrows.
PagedListView.OnScrollListenerUsed to listen for PagedListView scroll events.
PagedScrollBarViewA custom view to provide list scroll behaviour -- up/down buttons and scroll indicator.
RadioButtonListItemClass to build a list item with .
RadioButtonListItem.ViewHolderHolds views of RadioButtonListItem.
SeekbarListItemClass to build a list item with SeekBar.
SeekbarListItem.ViewHolderHolds views of SeekbarListItem.
SubheaderListItemClass to build a sub-header list item.
SubheaderListItem.ViewHolderHolds views of SubHeaderListItem.
SwitchListItemClass to build a list item with .
SwitchListItem.ViewHolderHolds views of SwitchListItem.
TextListItemClass to build a list item of text.
TextListItem.ViewHolderHolds views of TextListItem.


CarMenuItem.DisplayBehaviorDisplay behaviors for CarMenuItems.

Annotation Types

PagedListView.GutterThe possible values for @{link #setGutter}.