CacheA cache that supports partial caching of resources.
Cache.ListenerListener of Cache events.
CacheDataSource.EventListenerListener of CacheDataSource events.
CacheEvictorEvicts data from a Cache.
CacheKeyFactoryFactory for cache keys.
CacheWriter.ProgressListenerReceives progress updates during cache operations.
ContentMetadataInterface for an immutable snapshot of keyed metadata.


CacheDataSinkWrites data into a cache.
CacheDataSink.Factory for CacheDataSink instances.
CacheDataSourceA DataSource that reads and writes a Cache.
CacheDataSource.Factory for CacheDataSource instances.
CacheSpanDefines a span of data that may or may not be cached (as indicated by CacheSpan.isCached).
CacheWriterCaching related utility methods.
ContentMetadataMutationsDefines multiple mutations on metadata value which are applied atomically.
DefaultContentMetadataDefault implementation of ContentMetadata.
LeastRecentlyUsedCacheEvictorEvicts least recently used cache files first.
NoOpCacheEvictorEvictor that doesn't ever evict cache files.
SimpleCacheA Cache implementation that maintains an in-memory representation.

Annotation Types

CacheDataSource.CacheIgnoredReasonReasons the cache may be ignored.
CacheDataSource.FlagsFlags controlling the CacheDataSource's behavior.