TestDiscoveryEventServiceBase interface implemented by the Orchestrator test discovery client connection, e.g.
TestEventClientArgs.ConnectionFactoryA client may optionally provide a factory for the remote service connection.
TestEventClientConnectListenerBase interface for caller's of must implement.
TestEventServiceConnectionConnects to the remote service e.g.
TestEventServiceConnectionBase.ServiceFromBinder<T>An interface to match the signature of .
TestRunEventServiceBase interface implemented by the test notification client connection, e.g.


OrchestratedInstrumentationListenerA for the orchestrated instrumentation to communicate test run notifications back to the remote OrchestratorService or service.
TestDiscoveryUses the TestDiscoveryEventService to pass test case information back to the Orchestrator.
TestDiscoveryEventServiceConnectionHandles the connection to the remote service.
TestEventClientTestEventClient abstracts the communication with the remote Android Test Orchestrator v1 service (OrchestratorService) or the newer Test Event Services ( and ).
TestEventClientArgsProvides arguments to TestEventClient.connect(Context, TestEventClientConnectListener, TestEventClientArgs) to determine which Orchestrator service connections are needed, if any.
TestEventClientArgs.BuilderCreates a new TestEventClientArgs instance using the provided arguments.
TestEventClientExceptionA checked java.lang.Exception indicating that a service call failed.
TestEventServiceConnectionBase<T>The base class that service connections have to extend.
TestRunEventServiceConnectionHandles the connection to the remote service.