AeFpsRangeLegacyQuirkQuirk required to maintain good exposure on legacy devices by specifying a proper .
AspectRatioLegacyApi21QuirkQuirk that produces stretched use cases on all the legacy API 21 devices.
CameraQuirksProvider of camera specific quirks.
CrashWhenTakingPhotoWithAutoFlashAEModeQuirkQuirk caused by a device bug that occurs on certain devices, like the Samsung A3 devices.
DeviceQuirksProvider of device specific quirks, which are used for device specific workarounds.
DeviceQuirksLoaderLoads all device specific quirks required for the current device
ExcludedSupportedSizesQuirkQuirk required to exclude certain supported surface sizes that are problematic.
ImageCapturePixelHDRPlusQuirkQuirk required to turn on/off HDR+ on Pixel devices by enabling/disabling zero-shutter-lag (ZSL) mode on the capture request, depending on the image capture use case's capture mode, i.e.
Nexus4AndroidLTargetAspectRatioQuirkQuirk that produces stretched preview on Nexus 4 devices running Android L(API levels 21 and 22).
SamsungPreviewTargetAspectRatioQuirkQuirk that produces stretched preview on certain Samsung devices.