UseTorchAsFlashQuirkA quirk interface which denotes CameraX should use torch for flash when flashMode is ON or AUTO.



QuirkSummary Bug Id: b/167425305 Description: Quirk required to maintain good exposure on legacy devices by specifying a proper .

AfRegionFlipHorizontallyQuirkQuirk denoting Af Region is incorrectly flipped horizontally.

QuirkSummary Bug Id: b/128924712 Description: Quirk that produces stretched use cases on all the legacy API 21 devices.

AutoFlashUnderExposedQuirkThis denotes a quirk that when flash is auto, the device fails to get bright still photos with good exposure.

QuirkSummary Bug Id: 180819729 Description: Quirk that should validate the video resolution of on legacy camera.

CameraNoResponseWhenEnablingFlashQuirkCamera gets stuck when taking pictures with flash ON or AUTO in dark environment.
CameraQuirksProvider of camera specific quirks.
CaptureSessionOnClosedNotCalledQuirkA quirk to denote the devices may not receives callback.
CaptureSessionStuckQuirkA quirk to denote the android.hardware.camera2.CameraCaptureSession cannot successfully be configured if the previous CameraCaptureSession doesn't finish its in-flight capture sequence.
ConfigureSurfaceToSecondarySessionFailQuirkA quirk to denote the surface can only be used to configure to only one CameraCaptureSession, the next CameraCaptureSession may need to use another one.
CrashWhenTakingPhotoWithAutoFlashAEModeQuirkQuirk caused by a device bug that occurs on certain devices, like the Samsung A3 devices.
DeviceQuirksProvider of device specific quirks, which are used for device specific workarounds.
DeviceQuirksLoaderLoads all device specific quirks required for the current device

QuirkSummary Bug Id: b/157448499, b/192129158 Description: Quirk required to exclude certain supported surface sizes that are problematic.

ExtraCroppingQuirkQuirk that requires specific resolutions as the workaround.

QuirkSummary Bug Id: b/194149215 Description: Quirk required to include extra supported surface combinations which are additional to the guaranteed supported configurations.

FlashAvailabilityBufferUnderflowQuirkA quirk for devices that throw a java.nio.BufferUnderflowException when querying the flash availability.
FlashTooSlowQuirkQuirks that denotes the device has a slow flash sequence that could result in blurred pictures.

QuirkSummary Bug Id: 228800360 Description: The image capturing may fail when the camera turns on the auto flash mode, and the devices also fail to fire the flash on the flash on mode.

ImageCaptureFlashNotFireQuirkA quirk to denote the camera never fire the flash while taking picture with flash ON/AUTO mode.

QuirkSummary Bug Id: b/123897971 Description: Quirk required to turn on/off HDR+ on Pixel devices by enabling/disabling zero-shutter-lag (ZSL) mode on the capture request, depending on the image capture use case's capture mode, i.e.


QuirkSummary Bug Id: 176399765, 181966663 Description: Quirk that prevents from getting washed out image while taking picture with flash ON/AUTO mode.

ImageCaptureWithFlashUnderexposureQuirkA quirk to denote even when the camera uses flash ON/AUTO mode, but the captured image is still underexposed.
JpegHalCorruptImageQuirkQuirk which denotes JPEGs produced directly from the HAL may sometimes be corrupted.

QuirkSummary Bug Id: b/19606058 Description: Quirk that produces stretched preview on Nexus 4 devices running Android L (API levels 21 and 22).

PreviewOrientationIncorrectQuirkA quirk where the orientation of the preview is incorrect while a surface to be used to configure on 2 different CameraCaptureSession.

QuirkSummary Bug Id: 170598016 Description: Quirk denotes the devices to turn on WYSIWYG viewfinder.


QuirkSummary Bug Id: 220214040 Description: The video recording fails if no repeating stream is configured with appropriate settings.

SamsungPreviewTargetAspectRatioQuirkQuirk that produces stretched preview on certain Samsung devices.
StillCaptureFlashStopRepeatingQuirkQuirk that still capture with flash on/auto requires stopRepeating() being called ahead of capture.
TextureViewIsClosedQuirkA quirk to denote a new surface should be acquired while the camera is going to create a new CameraCaptureSession.

QuirkSummary Bug Id: 184229033 Description: On certain devices, one pixel shifted when the HAL layer converts RGB data to YUV data.