AdapterViewProtocolA sadly necessary layer of indirection to interact with AdapterViews.
AdapterViewProtocol.DataFunctionA custom function that is applied when AdapterViewProtocol.AdaptedData.getData() is executed.
CoordinatesProviderInterface to implement calculation of Coordinates.
PrecisionDescriberInterface to implement size of click area.
SwiperInterface to implement different swipe types.
TapperInterface to implement different click types.


AdapterDataLoaderActionForces an AdapterView to ensure that the data matching a provided data matcher is loaded into the current view hierarchy.
AdapterViewProtocol.AdaptedDataA holder that associates a data object from an AdapterView with a token the AdapterViewProtocol can use to force that data object to be rendered as a child or deeper descendant of the adapter view.
AdapterViewProtocolsImplementations of AdapterViewProtocol for standard SDK Widgets.
CloseKeyboardActionCloses soft keyboard.
EditorActionPerforms whatever editor (IME) action is available on a view.
EspressoKeyClass that wraps the key code and meta state of the desired key press.
EspressoKey.BuilderBuilder for the EspressoKey class.
GeneralClickActionEnables clicking on views.
GeneralSwipeActionEnables swiping across a view.
KeyEventActionEnables pressing KeyEvents on views.
MotionEventsFacilitates sending of motion events to a UiController.
MotionEvents.DownResultHolderHolds the result of a down motion.
OpenLinkActionInvokes onClick of a link within a TextView (made with Linkify or via another method).
PressBackActionPerforms an Android press back action
RepeatActionUntilViewStateEnables performing a given action on a view until it reaches desired state matched by given View matcher.
ReplaceTextActionReplaces view text by setting s text property to given String.
ScrollToActionEnables scrolling to the given view.
TypeTextActionEnables typing text on views.
ViewActionsA collection of common ViewActions.


GeneralLocationCalculates coordinate position for general locations.
PressReturns different touch target sizes.
SwipeExecutes different swipe types to given positions.
Swiper.StatusThe result of the swipe.
TapExecutes different click types to given position.
Tapper.StatusThe result of the tap.