OnePixelShiftQuirkA Quirk interface which enables one pixel shift for YUV data when converting to RGB.
SoftwareJpegEncodingPreferredQuirkA Quirk interface which denotes CameraX should prefer producing JPEGs itself from other formats rather than the camera producing JPEGs directly.


DeviceQuirksProvider of device specific quirks, which are used for device specific workarounds.
DeviceQuirksLoaderLoads all device specific quirks required for the current device
HuaweiMediaStoreLocationValidationQuirkQuirk that displays a notification when an image in has been deleted.

QuirkSummary Bug Id: b/171492111 Description: Quirk required to check whether ImageCapture supports a specific capture config option.


QuirkSummary Bug Id: 196755459, 205340278 Description: Quirk that requires Preview surface is in front of the MediaCodec surface when creating a CameraCaptureSession.