DownloadCursorProvides random read-write access to the result set returned by a database query.
DownloaderDownloads and removes a piece of content.
Downloader.ProgressListenerReceives progress updates during download operations.
DownloaderFactoryCreates Downloaders for given DownloadRequests.
DownloadHelper.CallbackA callback to be notified when the DownloadHelper is prepared.
DownloadIndexAn index of Downloads.
DownloadManager.ListenerListener for DownloadManager events.
FilterableManifest<T>A manifest that can generate copies of itself including only the streams specified by the given keys.
WritableDownloadIndexA writable index of Downloads.


DefaultDownloaderFactoryDefault DownloaderFactory, supporting creation of progressive, DASH, HLS and SmoothStreaming downloaders.
DefaultDownloadIndexA DownloadIndex that uses SQLite to persist Downloads.
DownloadRepresents state of a download.
DownloadHelperA helper for initializing and removing downloads.
DownloadManagerManages downloads.
DownloadNotificationHelperHelper for creating download notifications.
DownloadProgressMutable Download progress.
DownloadRequestDefines content to be downloaded.
DownloadRequest.BuilderA builder for download requests.
DownloadServiceA for downloading media.
FilteringManifestParser<T>A manifest parser that includes only the streams identified by the given stream keys.
ProgressiveDownloaderA downloader for progressive media streams.
SegmentDownloader<M>Base class for multi segment stream downloaders.
SegmentDownloader.SegmentSmallest unit of content to be downloaded.

Annotation Types

Download.FailureReasonFailure reasons.
Download.StateDownload states.