AppSearchLoggerAn interface for implementing client-defined logging AppSearch operations stats.
LimitConfigDefines limits placed on users of AppSearch and enforced by AppSearchImpl.
OptimizeStrategyAn interface class for implementing a strategy to determine when to trigger AppSearchImpl.


AlwaysSupportedCapabilitiesAn implementation of Capabilities.
AppSearchImplManages interaction with the native IcingSearchEngine and other components to implement AppSearch functionality.
AppSearchLoggerHelperClass contains helper functions for logging.
JetpackOptimizeStrategyAn implementation of OptimizeStrategy will determine when to trigger AppSearchImpl in Jetpack environment.
LocalStorageAn AppSearch storage system which stores data locally in the app's storage space using a bundled version of the search native library.
LocalStorage.GlobalSearchContextContains information relevant to creating a global search session.
LocalStorage.GlobalSearchContext.BuilderBuilder for LocalStorage.GlobalSearchContext objects.
LocalStorage.SearchContextContains information about how to create the search session.
LocalStorage.SearchContext.BuilderBuilder for LocalStorage.SearchContext objects.
UnlimitedLimitConfigIn Jetpack, AppSearch doesn't enforce artificial limits on number of documents or size of documents, since the app is the only user of the Icing instance.