CancelWorkRunnableA java.lang.Runnable to cancel work.
EnqueueRunnableManages the enqueuing of a WorkContinuationImpl.
ForceStopRunnableWorkManager is restarted after an app was force stopped.
ForceStopRunnable.BroadcastReceiverA which takes care of recreating the long lived alarm which helps track force stops for an application.
IdGeneratorGenerates unique IDs that are persisted in SharedPreferences.
LiveDataUtilsUtility methods for LiveData.
PackageManagerHelperHelper class for common PackageManager functions
PreferenceUtilsPreference Utils for WorkManager.
PruneWorkRunnableA Runnable that prunes work in the background.
RawQueriesA helper to build raw SQLite Queries.
SerialExecutorA java.util.concurrent.Executor which delegates to another java.util.concurrent.Executor but ensures that tasks are executed serially, like a single threaded executor.
StartWorkRunnableA java.lang.Runnable that can start work on the Processor.
StatusRunnable<T>A java.lang.Runnable to get WorkInfoes.
StopWorkRunnableA java.lang.Runnable that requests Processor to stop the work
SynchronousExecutorAn java.util.concurrent.Executor that runs its commands right away on the current thread.
WakeLocksA common class for creating WakeLocks.
WorkForegroundUpdaterTransitions a ListenableWorker to run in the context of a foreground .
WorkProgressUpdaterPersists ListenableWorker progress in a WorkDatabase.
WorkTimerManages timers to enforce a time limit for processing WorkRequest.
WorkTimer.WorkTimerRunnableThe actual runnable scheduled on the scheduled executor.