CompositeSequenceableLoaderFactoryA factory to create composite SequenceableLoaders.
MaskingMediaPeriod.PrepareListenerListener for preparation events.
MediaPeriodLoads media corresponding to a , and allows that media to be read.
MediaPeriod.CallbackA callback to be notified of MediaPeriod events.
MediaSourceDefines and provides media to be played by an ExoPlayer.
MediaSource.FactoryFactory for creating MediaSources from MediaItems.
MediaSource.MediaSourceCallerA caller of media sources, which will be notified of source events.
MediaSourceEventListenerInterface for callbacks to be notified of MediaSource events.
ProgressiveMediaExtractorExtracts the contents of a container file from a progressive media stream.
ProgressiveMediaExtractor.FactoryCreates ProgressiveMediaExtractor instances.
SampleQueue.UpstreamFormatChangedListenerA listener for changes to the upstream format.
SampleStreamA stream of media samples (and associated format information).
SequenceableLoaderA loader that can proceed in approximate synchronization with other loaders.
SequenceableLoader.Callback<T>A callback to be notified of SequenceableLoader events.
ShuffleOrderShuffled order of indices.


BaseMediaSourceBase MediaSource implementation to handle parallel reuse and to keep a list of MediaSourceEventListeners.
BundledExtractorsAdapterProgressiveMediaExtractor built on top of Extractor instances, whose implementation classes are bundled in the app.
ClippingMediaPeriodWraps a MediaPeriod and clips its SampleStreams to provide a subsequence of their samples.
ClippingMediaSourceMediaSource that wraps a source and clips its timeline based on specified start/end positions.
CompositeMediaSource<T>Composite MediaSource consisting of multiple child sources.
CompositeSequenceableLoaderA SequenceableLoader that encapsulates multiple other SequenceableLoaders.
ConcatenatingMediaSourceConcatenates multiple MediaSources.
DefaultCompositeSequenceableLoaderFactoryDefault implementation of CompositeSequenceableLoaderFactory.
DefaultMediaSourceFactoryThe default MediaSource.Factory implementation.
EmptySampleStreamAn empty SampleStream.
ForwardingTimelineAn overridable Timeline implementation forwarding all methods to another timeline.
LoadEventInfoMediaSource load event information.
LoopingMediaSourceLoops a MediaSource a specified number of times.
MaskingMediaPeriodMedia period that defers calling MediaSource.createPeriod(MediaSource.MediaPeriodId, Allocator, long) on a given source until MaskingMediaPeriod has been called.
MaskingMediaSourceA MediaSource that masks the Timeline with a placeholder until the actual media structure is known.
MaskingMediaSource.PlaceholderTimelineA timeline with one dynamic window with a period of indeterminate duration.
MediaLoadDataDescriptor for data being loaded or selected by a MediaSource.
MediaParserExtractorAdapterProgressiveMediaExtractor implemented on top of the platform's MediaParser.
MediaSource.MediaPeriodIdIdentifier for a MediaPeriod.
MediaSourceEventListener.EventDispatcherDispatches events to MediaSourceEventListeners.
MergingMediaSourceMerges multiple MediaSources.
ProgressiveMediaSourceProvides one period that loads data from a and extracted using an Extractor.
ProgressiveMediaSource.FactoryFactory for ProgressiveMediaSources.
SampleQueueA queue of media samples.
ShuffleOrder.DefaultShuffleOrderThe default ShuffleOrder implementation for random shuffle order.
ShuffleOrder.UnshuffledShuffleOrderA ShuffleOrder implementation which does not shuffle.
SilenceMediaSourceMedia source with a single period consisting of silent raw audio of a given duration.
SilenceMediaSource.FactoryFactory for SilenceMediaSources.
SinglePeriodTimelineA Timeline consisting of a single period and static window.
SingleSampleMediaSourceLoads data at a given as a single sample belonging to a single MediaPeriod.
SingleSampleMediaSource.FactoryFactory for SingleSampleMediaSource.

Annotation Types

ClippingMediaSource.IllegalClippingException.ReasonThe reason clipping failed.
MergingMediaSource.IllegalMergeException.ReasonThe reason the merge failed.
SampleStream.ReadDataResultReturn values of SampleStream.readData(FormatHolder, DecoderInputBuffer, int).
SampleStream.ReadFlagsFlags that can be specified when calling SampleStream.readData(FormatHolder, DecoderInputBuffer, int).