AllocatorA source of allocations.
Allocator.AllocationNodeA node in a chain of Allocations.
BandwidthMeterProvides estimates of the currently available bandwidth.
BandwidthMeter.EventListenerA listener of BandwidthMeter events.
Loader.Callback<T>A callback to be notified of Loader events.
Loader.LoadableAn object that can be loaded using a Loader.
Loader.ReleaseCallbackA callback to be notified when a Loader has finished being released.
LoaderErrorThrowerConditionally throws errors affecting a Loader.
LoadErrorHandlingPolicyA policy that defines how load errors are handled.
ParsingLoadable.Parser<T>Parses an object from loaded data.
TimeToFirstByteEstimatorProvides an estimate of the time to first byte of a transfer.


AllocationAn allocation within a byte array.
BandwidthMeter.EventListener.EventDispatcherEvent dispatcher which allows listener registration.
CachedRegionTrackerUtility class for efficiently tracking regions of data that are stored in a Cache for a given cache key.
DefaultAllocatorDefault implementation of Allocator.
DefaultBandwidthMeterEstimates bandwidth by listening to data transfers.
DefaultBandwidthMeter.BuilderBuilder for a bandwidth meter.
DefaultLoadErrorHandlingPolicyDefault implementation of LoadErrorHandlingPolicy.
LoaderManages the background loading of Loader.Loadables.
Loader.LoadErrorActionAction that can be taken in response to Loader.Callback.
LoaderErrorThrower.DummyA LoaderErrorThrower that never throws.
LoadErrorHandlingPolicy.FallbackOptionsHolds information about the available fallback options.
LoadErrorHandlingPolicy.FallbackSelectionA selected fallback option.
LoadErrorHandlingPolicy.LoadErrorInfoHolds information about a load task error.
ParsingLoadable<T>A Loader.Loadable for objects that can be parsed from binary data using a ParsingLoadable.Parser.
SlidingPercentileCalculate any percentile over a sliding window of weighted values.

Annotation Types

LoadErrorHandlingPolicy.FallbackTypeFallback type.