IoConfigConfiguration containing IO related options.
IoConfig.Builder<B>Builder for a IoConfig.
TargetConfig<T>Configuration containing options used to identify the target class and object being configured.
TargetConfig.Builder<T, B>Builder for a TargetConfig.
ThreadConfigConfiguration containing options pertaining to threads used by the configured object.
ThreadConfig.Builder<B>Builder for a ThreadConfig.
UseCaseEventConfigConfiguration containing options pertaining to EventCallback object.
UseCaseEventConfig.Builder<B>Builder for a UseCaseEventConfig.


CameraCaptureResultImageInfoAn ImageInfo that is created by a CameraCaptureResult.
CameraUseCaseAdapterA CameraInternal adapter which checks that the UseCases to make sure that the resolutions and image formats can be supported.
CameraUseCaseAdapter.CameraIdAn identifier for a CameraUseCaseAdapter.
ImmutableZoomStateAn implementation of ZoomState that is immutable.
ViewPortsUtility methods for calculating viewports.
YuvToJpegProcessorA CaptureProcessor which produces JPEGs from input YUV images.