IAutomationSupportProvides auxiliary support for running test cases
UiWatcherSee UiDevice.registerWatcher(String, UiWatcher) on how to register a a condition watcher to be called by the automation library.



By is a utility class which enables the creation of BySelectors in a concise manner.

BySelectorA BySelector specifies criteria for matching UI elements during a call to UiDevice.findObject(BySelector).
ConfiguratorAllows you to set key parameters for running uiautomator tests.
EventCondition<R>An EventCondition is a condition which depends on an event or series of events having occurred.
SearchCondition<R>A SearchCondition is a condition that is satisfied by searching for UI elements.
TracerClass that creates traces of the calls to the UiAutomator API and outputs the traces either to logcat or a logfile.
UiAutomatorInstrumentationTestRunnerTest runner for UiAutomatorTestCases.
UiAutomatorTestCaseUI Automator test case that is executed on the device.
UiCollectionUsed to enumerate a container's UI elements for the purpose of counting, or targeting a sub elements by a child's text or description.
UiDeviceUiDevice provides access to state information about the device.
UiObjectA UiObject is a representation of a view.
UiObject2A UiObject2 represents a UI element.
UiObject2Condition<R>A UiObject2Condition is a condition which is satisfied when a UiObject2 is in a particular state.
UiScrollableUiScrollable is a UiCollection and provides support for searching for items in scrollable layout elements.
UiSelectorSpecifies the elements in the layout hierarchy for tests to target, filtered by properties such as text value, content-description, class name, and state information.
UntilThe Until class provides factory methods for constructing common conditions.


DirectionAn enumeration used to specify the primary direction of certain gestures.
Tracer.ModeEnum that determines where the trace output goes.